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Powder Metallurgy Industrial Heating Equipment

Powder metallurgy industrial heating equipment consists of MIM debinding sintering furnace, vacuum debinding furnace, catalytic debinding furnace, vacuum sinter furnace, metal hot zone sinter furnace, steel belt furnace, mesh belt steam treatment furnace, pusher type furnace, etc.

Technical Features
1. Special designed debinding muffle is adopted with good sealing and complete bind removable, preventing inside components pollution.
2. It has functions of slow vacuum, minor positive pressure sinter, partial pressure sinter, monor negative pressure debinding and minor positive pressure debinding.
3. Powder metallurgy industrial heating furnace adopts advanced refractory structure and materials, which features good insulation performance and less heat absorption. It can save more than 20% energy compare o previous design.
4. The touch screen operation and PLC central control are used to make the operation simple and reliable.
5. The furnace has the functions of over temperature and over pressure fault alarm, mechanical automatic pressure protection and interlocking, which forms a highly safe furnace.
6. Powder metallurgy industrial heating equipment has remote control operation, remote malfunction diagnosis and remote program update functions.