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C&SiC Composites Industrial Heating Equipment

Industrial heating equipment covers CVD furnace, carbonization furnace, pyrolysis furnace, graphitization furnace, induction heating furnace, sinter furnace, coating furnace, impregnation furnace, purification furnace, etc. It is mainly use for carbon and silicon carbon composites.

Technical Features
1. C and SiC composites industrial heating furnace adopts multiple temperature control zones with great temperature uniformity.
2. Special designed deposition chamber achieves good sealing effect and strong antipollution ability.
3. Multiple deposition channels assures flow field uniformity, non-deposition dead corner and great deposition surface.
4. Tar, solid powder and organic gases are treated effectively during the deposition process.
5. High corrosive tail gas, combustible and explosion gas, solid dust and low melting point product can be treated effectively during deposition process.

Optional Configuration of Industrial Heating Equipment
1. Furnace door: Hing turning type/ trolley type, Manual tight/Auto lock-ring tight
2. Furnace vessel: All carbon steel/Inner layer stainless steel/Total stainless steel
3. Furnace hot zone: Soft carbon felt/Soft graphite felt/Hard composite felt /CFC
4. Heating element and muffle: Isostatic press graphite/Press high purity, high strength and high density graphite/ fine size graphite
5. Process gas system: Volume/Mass flow-meter, Manual valve/Auto valve, Foreign brand/Chinese brand
6. Vacuum pump and gauge: Foreign brand/Chinese brand
7. HMI: Simulation screen/Touch screen/Industrial personal computer
8. PLC: OMRON/Siemens
9. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM
10. Thermocouple: C type, S type, K type, N type
11. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder, Foreign brand/Chinese brand
12. Electric components: CHINT/Schneider/Siemens
13. Load truck: roller type /Fork type/Folded long distance driving type