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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Furnace

This type of furnace is classified into two types: low temperature impregnation furnace and high temperature melting infiltration furnace. The low temperature impregnation furnace is mainly used for C/C, SiC and composite materials impregnation by asphalt, resin and polycarbosilane. The high temperature melting infiltration furnace is mainly used for graphite, ceramic and composite materials infiltration by molten aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy and high temperature alloy.

Technical Features
1. The vacuum impregnation furnace has multiple stage safety protection.
2. Locking ring is hydraulic driving with mechanical limit.
3. Door open is hydraulic manual open or auto open, which is simple to operate.
4. Low temperature impregnation furnace has single chamber and twin chamber option.
5. High temperature melting infiltration furnace can continuous working to improve the production efficiency.

Optional Configuration of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Furnace
1. Heater: Ni-Cr; Fe-Cr-Al-Nb, Sic rod, Graphite; CFC.
2. Process gas system: high pressure valve; manual value / auto value; foreign brand / Chinese brand.
3. Vacuum pump and gauge: foreign brand / Chinese brand.
4. HMI: Simulation screen / touch screen / industrial personal computer.
5. PLC: OMRON/Siemens.
6. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM.
7. Thermocouple: type C / type S / type K / type N.
8. Electric components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens

Specifications of Low Temperature Impregnation Furnace
Spec\Model VPI-0608 VPI-0812 VPI-1015
Working Zone Size (D×H) (mm) Φ600× 800 Φ800 × 1200 Φ1000 ×1500
Max. Temperature (°C) 400 400 400
Max. Pressure (MPa) 5 5 5
Ultimate Vacuum (Pa) 50 50 50

Specifications of High Temperature Impregnation Furnace
Spec\Model VPI-0304 VPI-0508 VPI-0610 VPI-00517
Working Zone Size (D × H) (mm) Φ300× 400 Φ500 × 800 Φ600 ×1000 Φ500 ×1700
Max. Temperature (°C) 950/1400/2000 950/1400/2000 950/1400/2000 1400/2000
Max. Pressure (MPa) 9.8/16/20 9.8/16/20 9.8/16/20 16/20
Ultimate Vacuum (Pa) 100 100 100 100
Note: The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not as acceptance standard, the detail spec. will be stated in the technical proposal and agreements.
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