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Plasma Torch Atomization Powder Production Line

The principle of plasma torch atomization powder production line: metals or metal alloys, as certain specifications raw material wire, is feeding into through special wire feeder at a constant rate, then fusing and atomizing under the jet flow of the plasma (generated through several plasma torches under atomizing chamber ), existing as liquid phase, finally cool them fast to rapidly formed into ball shaped powder.

1. Adopt multi-angle superpower (150kW) plasma torch atomization process technology, raising super-heat temperature of melt, then forming hyperthermia air flow and stream, finally increase fine powder yield.
2. Special high speed nozzle is used to increase the momentum, accelerate plasma jet flow, achieving high atomizing efficiency, strike liquid flow ability and fine powder yielding rate.
3. Adopting hot plasma as atomization fluid can ensure enough cooling time to achieve particles fully spheroidizing, reducing rapid cooling forming non-sphere powder.
4. Plasma torch atomization powder production line uses refine filament (0.2mm) feeding technology can increase feed melting rate and fine powder yield.

Technical Advantages
1. Compare to traditional atomization technology, our company adopt hot plasma instead of cold atomization fluid (air, insert gas or water) as atomization fluid, which guarantee particles fully spheroidizing, avoiding irregular shape because of rapid cooling.
2. Focusing fusion and atomization on the same process instead of using traditional ceramic crucible, it can used for almost liquidus metal or metal alloy powder equipment.
3. The second generation plasma torch atomization process technologies achieve powder sphericity up to 95%, apparent density above 58% of dense materials, powder oxygen content at (below 0.1%), fine powder yield around 32% (6 to 7% higher than EIGA ).
4. Compared to EIGA (Electrode Induction Melting Gas Atomization), with plasma torch atomization technology, the powder features uniform particle size distribution, high purity content, good sphericity, excellent fluidity, few inclusions, low oxygen content and no adhesive/reunite phenomenon.
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