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Full-Automatic, Intelligent 18-Tube Reduction Furnace

Multi-tube furnace is mainly used for metal powder (like tungsten, moly, etc) reduction.

Technical Features
1. Multiple tube heating guarantees good temperature uniformity and large production capacity.
2. Round tube assures less deformation and smooth loading and unloading.
3. The intermittent loading and unloading type assures good sealing performance and low gas consumption with gas recycling.
4. Pusher furnaces are configured with full automatic boat charging, boat pushing, unloading and boat dumping service, which ensures stable quality and low labor force.
5. Multi-tube reduction furnaces have the functions of remote control operation, remote malfunction diagnosis and remote program update functions.

Optional Configuration of 18-Tube Automatic Reduction Furnace
Refractory material: silicate aluminum fiber/alumina ceramic fiber/high alumina brick
2. Tube material: SUS304/SUS310S/RA330/RA600/ZG45Cr28Ni48W5Si2
3. Pusher type: Automatic manipulator
4. Loading and unloading: automatic loading and unloading/manual loading and unloading with automatic boat push
5. PLC:Siemens
6. Temperature controller: Jumo/EUROTHERM
7. Thermocouple: S type
8. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder, Foreign brand/Chinese brand
9. Operation panel: Industrial computer
10. Electric components: Schneider/Siemens

Full-Automatic, Intelligent 18-Tube Reduction Furnace
Spec\Model MT-144-14-6(G) MT-144-15-6(G) MT-144-18-6(G)
Muffle inner diameter (mm) 140 140 140
Muffle number 14 15 18
Heating zone of multi-tube reduction furnaces 6 zones 6 zones 6 zones
Heating chamber length(mm) 8300 8300 8300
Max.temperature (°C) 1150 1150 1150
Temperature Uniformity (°C) ±5 ±5 ±5
Heating method Electric/ Natural Gas
Process gas N2/H2
The above specifications are defined according to tungsten powder reduction process. These specifications can be adjusted in accordance with different materials. The above specifications is not the final acceptance parameter which should be defined in the technical agreement and contract.
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