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Metal Hot Zone Sinter Furnace

Metal hot zone sinter furnace is mainly used for sinter of titanium alloy, nickle alloy, tungsten alloy, heavy alloy, moly alloy, high temperature alloy and cemented carbide materials. It can work on vacuum sinter, partial pressure sinter and minor positive pressure sinter processes.

Technical Features
1. The furnace uses special hot zone structure and heating element design, which features good temperature uniformity.
2. It has functions of slow vacuum, vacuum sinter, minor positive pressure sinter and partial pressure sinter.
3. Metal hot zone sintering furnaces work by using touch screen operation and PLC central control, which makes the operation simple and reliable.
4. The furnace has the functions of over temperature and over pressure fault alarm, mechanical automatic pressure protection and interlocking, which forms a highly safe furnace.
5. It has remote control operation, remote malfunction diagnosis and remote program update functions.

Optional Configuration of Metal Hot Zone Sinter Furnace
1. Furnace door: Manual tight/auto lock-ring tight
2. Furnace vessel: Inner layer stainless steel/Total stainless steel
3. Furnace hot zone: moly doped with La + stainless steel/tungsten alloy +molly alloy+stainless steel
4. Heater material: moly doped with La alloy/tungsten alloy
5. Process gas control: Volume/mass flow-meter, manual value/auto value, Foreign brand/Chinese brand
6. Vacuum pump and gauge: Foreign brand/Chinese brand
7. Operation panel: simulation screen/touch screen/industrial computer
8. PLC: OMRON/Siemens
9. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM
10. Thermocouple: C type(tungsten sheath/Moly sheath/ceramic sheath)
11. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder, Foreign brand/Chinese brand
14. Electric components: CHINT/Schneider/Siemens

Specifications of Metal Hot Zone Sinter Furnace
Spec\Model MHS-020203 MHS-030306 MHS-040408 MHS-050513
Working Zone Size (W×H×L)(mm) 200 × 200 × 300 300 × 300 × 600 400 × 400 × 800 500 × 500 × 1300
Max. Weight (kg) (not mean actual load weight) 25 100 200 400
Max.temperature (°C) 1550 1550 1550 1550
Temperature uniformity of metal hot zone sintering furnaces (°C) ±3 ±3 ±5 ±5
Heating Power (kW) 50 85 105 240
Ultimate Vacuum (Pa) 4×10-3 4×10-3 4×10-3 4×10-3
Pressure Increase Rate (Pa/h) 0.67 0.67 0.67 0.67
Process gas Ar/N2/H2 Ar/N2/H2 Ar/N2/H2 Ar/N2/H2
The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not as acceptance standard, the detail spec. will be stated in the technical proposal and agreements.
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