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Intelligent Vacuum Heat Treatment Production Line

Vacuum heat-treatment intelligent product line includes almost all the heat treatment processes for different material parts. The product line can be customized according to customer’s requirements. All the furnaces and other devices working automatically will be supervised by the computer to achieve the programmed processes procedures and match the "Industrial 4.0” development trend and basic elements. This kind of product line is one of the advanced heat treatment furnaces combination. Each kind of furnace mould in this product line will match different treatment process and material requirements. And the line is flexible which means we can change the furnace module in the line for different process required. Also there will be a loading-unloading robot to make less labor.

Vacuum heat-treatment intelligent automatic product line including all the modules of vacuum cleaning, vacuum annealing, high-pressure gas quenching, tempering and deep-cold machine. It can adjust the module quantity according to the customer’s product output also with expansion for the future. The automatic product line with a set of material automatic transport system with auto loading and unloading functions, also can identify the work step of the machines.

Main Specifications

Module name Module type Module quantity Module type Module quantity Module type Module quantity
Vacuum hydrogen furnace HVTH-446S 1~3 HVTH-669S 1~3 HVTH-7711S 1~3
Vacuum oil quenching furnace HVOQ-446D 1~3 HVOQ-669D 1~3 HVOQ-7711D 1~3
Vacuum tempering furnace HVT-446S 1~3 HVT-669S 1~3 HVT-669S 1~3
Deep frozen treatment machine HCA-446 1~3 HCA-669 1~3 HCA-669 1~3
Vacuum cleaning furnace SWM-446 1~3 SWM-669 1~3 SWM-7711 1~3
Vacuum annealing furnace HVA-446S 1~3 HVA-669S 1~3 HVA-7711S 1~3
Vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace HVGQ-446S 1~3 HVGQ-669S 1~3 HVGQ-7711S 1~3
Automatic transport system ACME-MCG446H ACME-MCG446H ACME-MCG446H
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