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Horizontal Vacuum Water Quenching Furnace

It is used for the solution treatment of titanium alloy in aerospace industry, such as TC4, TC16, TC18, TC21, beryllium bronze in aircraft instrument elastic elements; precision alloy in aircraft sensor like Ni-based and Co-based high elastic alloy 3J1, 3J21, Ni-based constant elastic alloy 3J53, stainless steel in the field of nuclear energy like17-4PH, 410.

Technical Features
1. It is horizontal, twin chamber structure, all stainless steel construction.
1.All metal hot zone, great temperature uniformity.
2.The heating elements adopt unique non-ceramic supporting technology. It can be used five years without any insulation problem.
3.The inner trolley is overlap-type stretchable structure with frequency converting function. It has a stable transportation speed with "slow-fast-slow” steps, which makes the transportation time very short.
4.Large loading capacity and high efficiency.
5.Water tank temperature 5-10°C.

Configuration Options
1.Furnace door type: On-line; Off-line; Vertical up and down; Rotating
2.Insulation gate in the middle: Mechanically-driven; Pneumatically-driven
3.Furnace hearth: Nichrome heating elements and stainless steel heat insulation; molybdenum heating elements and metal heat insulation
4.Vacuum pump unit and vacuum gauge: Abroad brand; high-quality Chinese brand
5.Vacuum degree: High vacuum; Medium vacuum
6.PLC: OMRON; Siemens; Mitsubishi
7.Temperature controller: SHIMADEN; EUROTHERM; Honeywell
8.Thermocouple: Type K; Type N; Type S
9.Recorder: Paperless recorder; paper recorder
10.HMI: Simulation screen; Touchscreen with industrial computer
11.Electric components: High-quality domestic brand; Schneider; Siemens

Main Specifications
Parameter\Model HVWQ-335D HVWQ-446D HVWQ-557D
Effective hot zone size W×H×L (mm) 300 × 300× 500 400 × 400× 600 500 × 500× 700
Loading capacity (kg) 75 250 400
Heating power (kW) 48 75 90
Max. temperature (°C) 1150 1150 1150
1350 1350 1350
Temperature uniformity (°C) ±5 ±5 ±5
Vacuum degree (Pa) 4 × 10-1 4 × 10-1 4 × 10-1
4 × 10-3/6 × 10-4 4 × 10-3/6 × 10-4 4 × 10-3/6 × 10-4
Pressure increasing rate (Pa/h) ≤0.26 ≤0.26 ≤0.26
≤0.65 ≤0.65 ≤0.65
Transportation time (S) ≤12 ≤15 ≤20
Water tank (L) 800 2000 3500
Purge gas N2/Ar N2/Ar N2/Ar
Gas cooling pressure (bar) 2 2 2
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