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High Pressure Water Atomization Production Line

High pressure water atomizing process (high pressure water atomization production line) is an environmental production mode of metal powder. With government support, this new materials industry have good prospects. ACME have been engaged in copper-based powder production line, copper heat pipe production line, high-pressure water atomization steel powder production line, water atomization iron powder production line for many years.
1. Water Atomized Copper-based Powder Production Line
Main products: pure copper powder, high quality Cu-Sn powder (apparent density 2.4 to 2.6)
Technical Process:

We can provide different smelting process, special water atomized disk system, etc.

2. Copper Heat Pipe Production Line
Technical Process:

3. High-pressure Water Atomization Steel Powder Production Line
With inert gas shield, dedicated disk system, special heat treatment technology, guarantee low oxygen content and excellent formability.

4. Water Atomization Iron Powder Production Line
Technical Process:

Principle of High Pressure Water Atomization Production Line

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