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Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace

Continuous graphite purification furnace is used for continuous high temperature graphitizing purification of graphite powder, which can also complete the purification combined with high temperature method chemical method.

Technical Features
1. Continuous loading and discharging under high temperature reduces the energy consumption and shorten the production cycle.
2. The furnace is designed with electrical resistance or induction heating. Its max. temperature can reach up to more than 3000°C.
3. Both high temperature and chemical method can be used to satisfy the high purity treatment requires.
4. The furnace uses high efficiency filter system, which can trap the dust and corrosive gases coming from the purification process.

Optional Configuration of Graphite Purification Furnace
1. Furnace vessel: inner layer stainless steel / total stainless steel.
2.Heating method: electrical resistant / induction heating.
3.Vacuum pump and gauge: foreign brand / Chinese brand.
4.HMI: simulation screen / touch screen / industrial personal computer.
5.PLC: OMRON / Siemens.
6.Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM.
7.Infrared meter: single color / double color, CHINO / Raytek.
8.Electric components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens.

Specifications of Graphite Purification Furnace
Spec\Model CGP-10
Production Capacity (kg/h) 50~120
Max. Temperature (°C) 3000
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