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Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

Gas pressure sintering furnace is mainly used for vacuum sintering and pressure sintering of Sic, Si3N4 and other ceramic parts.

Technical Features
1. This horizontal sintering furnace adopts special hot zone structure and heating element design for good temperature uniformity.
2. It uses specially-designed debinding muffle to realize excellent sealing performance, complete bind removal and no contamination to inside components.
3. This gas pressure sintering furnace has functions of slow vacuum, minor positive pressure sintering, partial pressure sintering, pressure sintering, minor negative pressure debinding and minor positive pressure debinding.
4. It uses advanced refractory materials and structure for ensured insulation.
5. This horizontal sintering furnace is designed with touch screen and PLC central control for ease of operation.
6. Safe performance is ensured with over-temperature and over-pressure mal-function alarm, mechanical automatic pressure protection and interlocking.
7. The gas pressure sintering furnace has functions of remote control, remote mal-function diagnosis and remote program update.

Optional Configuration of Horizontal Sintering Furnace
1. Furnace door: auto lock-ring tight.
2. Furnace hot zone: all hard composite carbon felt / hard composite carbon felt + CFC.
3. Heating material: Isostatic press graphite / press high purity, high strength and high density graphite / CFC.
4. Process gas control: high pressure valve; manual valve / auto valve; foreign / Chinese brand.
5. Vacuum pump and gauge: foreign brand / Chinese brand.
6. PLC: OMRON / Siemens.
7. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM.
8. Thermocouple: type C (tungsten sheath / moly sheath / ceramic sheath).
9. Recorder: paperless recorder / paper recorder, foreign brand / Chinese brand.
10. Electric components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens.
11. Load truck: roller type / fork type.

Specifications of Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace
Spec\Model PSF-323212 PSF-050513 PSF-050518
Working Zone Size (W × H × L) (mm) Φ320 × 320 × 1200 Φ500 × 500 × 1300 Φ500 × 500 × 1800
Max. Temperature (°C) 1800 1800 1800
Temperature Uniformity under vacuum (°C) ±5 ±5 ±5
Temperature Uniformity under pressure (°C) ±7.5 ±10 ±10
Ultimate Vacuum (Pa) 2 2 2
Pressure Increase Rate (Pa/h) 0.67 0.67 0.67
Working Pressure (bar) 20/60/100 20/60/100 20/60/100
Process Gas Ar/N2 Ar/N2 Ar/N2
The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not as acceptance standard, the detail spec. will be stated in the technical proposal and agreements.
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