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Aluminum-based Alloy Powder

Aluminum-based alloys powder is mainly used in aerospace, electric furnace, electric oven, household appliances, electric heater and infrared facilities.

Main products: AlSi10Mg(ZL101), AlSi12(ZL102), AlSi7Mg(ZL101), 2A12, 2A14, 7A04, etc.
Specification of Aluminum-based Alloy Powder
Particle size range(μm) 0 to 15 15 to 45 15 to 60 60 to 120 120 to 150
Shape Sphere
Particle size distribution(μm) D10:9 D10:22 D10:26 D10:72 D10:126
D50:12 D50:37 D50:41 D50:109 D50:141
D90:15 D90:44 D90:58 D90:116 D90:149
Flow rate (S) ≤35
Apparent density (g/cm3) ≥1.42
Oxygen content (wt.%) 0.01-0.05
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